Oil Change Service

  • Conventional, High-mileage, Synthetic-blend, and Full synthetics are available.
  • Oil filter replacement
  • Air cabin filter check


  • Inspection of the brake system.
  • New brake pads/shoes
  • Resurfacing or replacement of the rotors/drums
  • Rebuild or replacement of calipers or wheel cylinders
  • Replacement of hoses, lines, or master cylinder if leaks are present (or malfunction)
  • Check the condition of the brake fluid and replace it if necessary
  • Check and adjust the parking brake
  • Test drive to “bed-in” the new components.


  • Thorough inspection and analysis
  • Maintenance is performed
  • Replacement shocks and struts if needed.

Wheel Bearing Replacement

  • Diagnose a damaged hub bearing assembly.
  • Check a hub bearing assembly’s internal clearance.
  • Replace when needed.

CV Axle Replacement

  • Inspect CV joint boot.
  • Diagnose issues with the Constant Velocity joints (CV Joints).
  • If the boot is cracked we replace the boot and repack the CV joint with fresh grease.
  • We replace CV Joints when needed.

Tire Mounting

  • Check rim for defects.
  • Bead sealer around the rim.
  • Mount tire.

Tire Dismounting

  • Use pneumatic–powered rim clamps to hold the wheel.
  • Break bead seal.
  • Remove the tire from the rim

Tire Balancing

  • Dynamic Balancing of tire by spinning the tire at 10-15 mph.
  • The machine informed us where to add counterbalances (balancing weights).

Tire Repair

  • Tire removal.
  • Object removal.
  • Clean hole.
  • Apply adhesive.
  • Insert plug.
  • Mount and balance tire.